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Data Recovery Services From Any Type Of Media

We can recover data from any brand of hard drive or memory card, stick. We can even recover data from a formatted hard drive! Even if you have reinstalled Windows without saving your data, don’t worry we can normally help.

Whether they occur on a server or on a workstation, Hard Disk problems are never welcome. Unfortunately when Hard Disk failure occurs, many people simply use Scan Disk to try and repair the failed Hard Drive, while Scan Disk isn’t a bad tool, it may not always be the right tool for the job.

Computer Repair Fulham is here to help!

Our data recovery success rate from hard disc drives is over 90% - We have the knowledge, experience and the best tools to get your data back NOW!

Data recovery is a process that needs to be taken very seriously and with a great deal of care. If the data is important to you, avoid cheap or free data recovery software or inexperienced help – you may lose it for good or make our job far more difficult!

Quite often we can recover all you require within this first hour!

Data recovery from desktop computers, data recovery from laptop computers, data recovery from memory sticks, even data recovery from camera memory cards. We can often recover all of your data within an hour.


I Don’t live in London... Don’t worry, send your media to us. Please contact us for further information.

Probable causes of data loss:

  • Hardware Failure
  • For example if your hard drive fails from the internal ball bearings being worn out, you cannot help this. A hard drive is a mere mechanical device that has working parts. This means that things can go wrong.
  • Human Error
  • Hey, we are all human after all and many of us delete files accidentally. In fact humans do a lot of stupid things that can cause data loss. You might spill a drink on your computer and blow up the whole thing, or maybe you might think you have saved files, when actually you haven’t.
  • Software Corruption or Problem
  • When a computer user installs software and then restarts the computer, something goes wrong, and your Windows will not start at all. You know you have done something to cause an error. The problem here is that people don’t know how to get out of this situation and prevent data loss. They actually try so many troubleshooting tasks that it sends the computer into a more serious error.
  • Computer Viruses
  • Computer viruses can be vicious and destroy your files very quickly. They can cause data loss and sometimes, if you’re lucky, access to your files. If you have only lost access to your files then maybe you haven’t actually lost your data yet. But if the virus has infected your files, your data may be now useless and corrupted.