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we Fix, upgrade, install hardware, recover data from and clean laptops, computers and apple mac

Most computer repair shops can remove your viruses. They will quote you a high hourly rate, or a flat rate to restore the computer back to the factory settings, what they will not tell you is that you will lose all your data in the process.

We believe that your data (your documents, your music, your pictures and your emails) are worth more than the computer. Removing computer viruses without removing the data or program files is a time consuming effort, but we have mastered this technique -- due to the large number of cases that we see.

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We are dedicated to providing software/hardware assistance and high level support to those with technological problems. Our highly skilled team have the latest tools and software to test, upgrade and fix computers, laptops, Macs, smartphones and more.

We accept emergency repairs so don’t hesitate to contact us,¬†we can fix any ongoing computer issues.

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